Collaborators & Partners

No More Empty Pots

Benson Plant Rescue
City Sprouts
Creighton University Community Economic Development Clinic
Douglas County Health Department
Empowerment Network
Employment First
Family Housing Advisory Service
Fontenelle Elementary
Golden Hills Resource Conservation & Development
Heartland Family Service
Holy Name Housing
Hunger Free Heartland
Lexicon of Sustainability
Massena Farms

Metropolitan Community College Institute for Culinary Arts
Minne Lusa Miller Park Neighborhood Association
Nebraska Urban Indian Health Center
Oakdale Elementary
Omaha Public Library | Florence + Washington Branches
Omaha Small Business Network
Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue
The Big Garden
Table Grace Cafe
Tomato Tomato
UNMC College of Public Health
Visiting Nurses Association-Cooking Matters
Engaged Individual & Group Supporters
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