Job Postings

No More Empty Pots: Community Garden Coordinator

Position Description

No More Empty Pots seeks an individual who will spend a majority of the time working outside in our community garden with youth, volunteers and community residents and enjoys engaging with people of various ages and abilities, understands basic technology and is interested in hands-on teaching opportunities. The primary responsibilities include: manage Florence community garden, teach gardening basics of planting, growing and harvesting edible and ornamental plants, conduct community and rooftop garden projects and activities, facilitating IoT (Internet of Things) lessons using Makey-Makeys (electronic tool kits), encouraging exploration and understanding of basic conductivity, managing expectations and instructional goals, preparing and organizing before and after instruction times, work with diverse groups of people from a wide-range of ages, as well as social, ethnic and organizational backgrounds.

No More Empty Pots: Youth Culinary Instructor

Position Description

NMEP offers youth culinary training programs and is looking for an energetic, committed instructor to lead culinary instruction classes. Program participants aged 6 to 18 engage in hands-on instruction in a licensed commercial kitchen. The instructor must be able to engage, enlighten and enhance the learning experiences of a diverse range of students. The instructor is expected to facilitate a currently developed program curriculum. The instructor is expected to use a computer for communication and daily work, including email and Google Suite..

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