No More Empty Pots: Community Engagement Manager

About No More Empty Pots

No More Empty Pots (NMEP) is a grassroots non-profit corporation that connects individuals and groups to improve self-sufficiency, regional food security and economic resilience of urban and rural communities through advocacy and action. No More Empty Pots’ vision is to support communities in becoming self-sufficient and food secure through collaboration and adhering to core values of education, stewardship and sustainability.

Position Description

No More Empty Pots seeks a charismatic and detail-oriented individual with leadership experience to join our team. Key activities of the position include managing reception, including part-time staff that may be hired on for reception roles; recruiting and coordinating volunteers for a wide variety of opportunities; organization-wide event planning; community outreach and outreach coordination; supporting the CEO in coordinating a Community Advisory Board and a volunteer guild; and managing bookings of No More Empty Pots spaces like the Rooftop Garden, the Shared Use Commercial Kitchen, and the Kids Kitchen. In general, this person is community-focused matching opportunities between community partners and No More Empty Pots as well as coordinating the logistics of those opportunities. This person supports all other staff with volunteer and special project opportunities, outreach, and event planning, which means they must be able to balance a large number of projects and relationships. The manager may also lead initiatives, programs, and activities according to NMEP’s mission, strategy, and priorities. All NMEP staff are expected to prioritize people and a focus on relationships while maintaining high standards of program delivery and using sustainable budgeting and time management practices.

Required Qualifications

  • Demonstrated food business startup experience
  • Experience in successfully managing collaborative education and/or self sufficiency programs or other similarly complex and demanding programs and projects, preferably for novice aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Experience and skill to create, develop, implement, manage, execute, and evaluate goals and activities and ensure alignment with organizational strategic pillars of people, programs, and finances

Preferred Skills, Qualities and Experience

  • Experience and skill to support, contribute to, and strengthen a vibrant, culturally diverse, and inclusive learning community of stakeholders
  • Experience and skill to anticipate, deliver on, and exceed the expectations of stakeholders in order to build trust
  • Experience and skill to introduce and drive innovation
  • Experience and skill to seek out and create learning opportunities, including through those revealed by setbacks and failures as well as successes.
  • Previous knowledge of or willingness to learn about the metro Omaha local food scene, food security initiatives, economic sufficiency initiatives, and Omaha community organizations and programs
  • Written and spoken Spanish competencies
  • Experience working in non-profit sector

FYI Competencies

  • Communicates effectively (7): Personal and Interpersonal Skills/Being Open and Receptive/Listening & Organizational Positioning Skills/Communicating Effectively/Presentation Skills & Organizational Positioning Skills/Communicating Effectively/Written Communications
  • Cultivates innovation (19): Thought Leadership/Innovation;Strategic Skills/Creating the New and Different/Creativity & Strategic Skills/Creating the New and Different/Innovation Management
  • Builds networks (21): Organizational Positioning Skills/Being Organizationally Savvy/ Political Savvy
  • Demonstrates self-awareness (29): Personal and Interpersonal Skills/Being Open and Receptive/Personal Disclosure & Personal and Interpersonal Skills/ Demonstrating Personal Flexibility/Self-Knowledge
  • Situational adaptability (31): Personal and Interpersonal Skills/Demonstrating Personal Flexibility/Dealing with Paradox & Personal and Interpersonal Skills/Demonstrating Personal Flexibility/Personal Learning

Working Conditions

  • Involves both sedentary desk work and moderate indoor and outdoor physical exertion
  • Requires lifting or carrying up to 30 pounds as well as climbing, walking moderate distances, squatting, and bending.
  • A valid driver’s license, access to transportation, and local travel are required; ability to operate medium-sized machinery is preferred
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends


  • Commensurate with experience, starting at $32,000 annually

To Apply

  • To be considered for this position, please submit a resume and cover letter to No More Empty Pots at jobs@nmepomaha.org . Be sure to include why a position with No More Empty Pots is a good fit for you.

To view a PDF version of this job posting CLICK HERE.

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